Local Gentlemen & Proud West Valley Supporters

The Maverick’s Work Supports the West Valley Mavericks Foundation


Conceptualized by four community leaders in late 2012 when it was noticed that there was a lack of support for organizations west of Interstate 17.  They saw a need for community support and brought in a large group of community leaders to possibly take on this responsibility.

As they all gathered in a room the leaders explained the concept, vision, and suggested that they create a philanthropic group providing support to help raise money for those in need located in the West Valley.

Created in 2012 and consisting of only 21 charter members The Mavericks are an all-volunteer, nonprofit organizational group of business and community leaders that are helping build shape, and support our West Valley communities by creating events raising money for charitable causes.   

Known as extraordinary gentlemen in the west, Mavericks hail from a diverse set of trades.  The Mavericks donate their time, talents, resources, and funds for the betterment of the West Valley.  The Mavericks believe that the West Valley is an incredible place to live, work, have fun, and want to continue to build, and support this vision for future generations.

Today, the Mavericks have become a group of gentlemen that proudly stand and support the West Valley continuing their legacy of exciting charitable events focused on supporting the overall goal of fundraising and charitable giving.

The West Valley Mavericks are a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, founded in 2012 with a focus on benefiting children in need. Their roster includes 51 active members, numerous life members, as well as honorary members.

Value Statement:

The West Valley Mavericks Foundation was born of the imagination and vision of a group of community leaders late in 2012. The West Valley Mavericks (or just ‘Mavericks’) is a social club led by gentlemen who believe that the West Valley is an incredible place to live, work, play and support. The Mavericks’ charter is to advance charity, culture, community, and commerce in the west valley of Phoenix. The group’s membership hails from a diverse set of trades and professions and includes all manner of backgrounds and philosophies.


The Mavericks mission is to enhance the communities in the West Valley.  This is accomplished by advancing “charity”, “community”, “culture”, & “commerce” in the West Valley also known as a Maverick’s four “C’s”.

Core Values:

SERVICE: We use our talents, resources, and motivation to create a meaningful impact on the community through service and philanthropy.

EXCELLENCE: We hold our organization and each other to a high standard and aim for excellence in everything we do.

BROTHERHOOD: We are bound in fraternity by our commitment to the organization, becoming more than the sum of our parts, and building camaraderie and friendship.

GENTLEMEN: We strive to be men of good, courteous conduct, defined not by our circumstances, but by our behavior in them.

LEADERSHIP: We actively engage and participate in building a greater and growing West Valley.

As a group, our core values help to support our vision, shape our culture, and reflect what we value.  These values are the essence of the Maverick identity – our principles, beliefs, and philosophy of values. 

What’s The Story Behind The Buckle?

At the end of each year, a few select Mavericks are recognized and awarded a buckle.  The buckle is the highest honor a Maverick can obtain and each Maverick that has earned their buckle wears it with pride.  Buckles are awarded to a Maverick that has gone far above and beyond the expected dedication and service to the West Valley Mavericks Club, West Valley Mavericks Foundation, and West Valley Charities. 

The Mavericks have deep roots in the West Valley.  We believe in planting the right seeds for the best future we can provide for our neighbors.  We care about the future of the West Valley and we will continue to help build a strong reputation for the surrounding communities.