The West Valley Maverick’s Charter consists of a maximum of 51 active members, with unlimited life members, and honorary members.  All members meet once a month and multiple times in between depending on their committee and responsibilities within the charter.  Membership in the West Valley Mavericks is open with the sponsorship of an active member.  Applications are brought to membership and then voted upon for approval by the full Mavericks membership.  

How do I become a Maverick?

To become an active Maverick it is recommended to be sponsored by an active Maverick.  Nominated persons are then voted upon by the 51 “Active” members.  If you are interested in applying for membership it is suggested that you get involved by volunteering and working with the Mavericks events and get to know the charter.  

How you can get involved

We cannot do our important work without the support of the community and people like you. Your support of the West Valley Mavericks Foundation during our events help the Mavericks raise funds for The West Valley Mavericks Foundation.  These funds support our community and those in need in the West Valley with donations to local nonprofits.

Follow Us

The West Valley Mavericks are active on social media websites like Facebook.  Spreading the word about the positive work the West Valley Mavericks do is important for us to maximize our efforts.  Please LIKE US on Facebook to follow our posts ( and share them ! ) that provide information on events and other fundraising activities we promote throughout the year.

You can also sign up for our E-Newsletter to be contacted about new events as well.

Attend Our Events

The West Valley Mavericks host various events throughout the year to raise money for our charities.  We strive to make the events engaging and fun all while raising money.  By purchasing tickets for our fundraising events like The Corral, The Bullpen, Flavors of the West, and The Maverick you are supporting the overall cause.    

Become A Sponsor

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and partnering with The Mavericks we would love to talk with you. Please contact us at info@WVMavericks.ORG

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are just interested in donating your time and helping out we can ALWAYS use it!  As you already know, this is a great group to work with and our events are always exciting and fun.  Please send us a quick message that you are interested in volunteering and we will contact you prior to our events to see if you would be willing to volunteer for that particular event.